Chronicle - Bill Manager App yorumlar

Please add

Please add income function.

It’s 50/50

Nice way to keep up with bills. Syncing between devices doesn’t work. Have to delete app on my phone and reinstall to get the app to sync with what’s on my laptop. Customer service is ehhh. Gave generic fix instructions. STILL doesn’t sync right. Would I recommend? Yes. Still needs work tho. Maybe the developer will fix the sync issue soon.

No Update To Be Found!

At least not yet. I am using Chronicle on my desktop Mac, iPad, and here now on my iPhone. I have not had any issues and I truly love this app. But, I just received email today informing me that this app is being updated to 8.5. Problem is, no such update is yet available on the App Store. 7.2-8.5? Wow. Please clarify. Thanks.


7/22/2018 update: The dev’s response below is great. I was wrong about archiving bills, and I increased my rating. But how about making the long swipe user-configurable, or at least changing it to pay instead of archive? My most common activity while in the app is marking a bill paid. I’d love it if the long swipe did that in an instant. Original review: I’ve been using this app for a year or more, and I’ve been constantly annoyed that paying a bill takes multiple steps. But you know what takes just one step? Archiving a bill. But the funny thing is, archive actually means delete forever, because I can’t find any way to un-archive it. So after taking time to carefully set up all my bills, schedules and due dates, I accidentally swiped a tiny bit too far to the left, and one of them is gone forever. It has happened twice—so shame on me. But shame on this developer for making it easier to delete forever than it is to log a payment. Looks like I’m searching for another goddamn bill tracking app.

Simple straightforward easy

Nothing fancy but it does keep track of my bills, reminds me on due date and provides a list of upcoming bills. I love simplicity

Broker sync.

Syncing between Mac and iPhone app doesn’t work.

Review after 8 years

Long-time user here. The experience has been great since 2010. Easy to input new bills, add bill payment history, archive bills, etc. I recently had an issue with iCloud getting out of sync but that apparently had nothing to do with this app. The developer helped me get my data back in sync in less than a week of downtime. Thanks for the great experience!

Delete for ever

UPDATE: 6 months later and still no fix for sync between iPad, iPhone and Mac. The app crashes on every device. Done waiting. Luckily BillMinder is back. Deleting the app everywhere. What a waste of money UPDATE: Finally the dates! Can you please add the day of the week below the date? That would really help. Changing from 2 stars to 3 stars. Once we have dates I will change to 4 stars. Update: need dates on bills, not in the calendar - on all bills! UPDATE: Still no way to change to autopaid on iPhone. Missing a lot of features Update: Need to be able to change the time of notifications I need to be able to rename and/or add my own categories. Also need more subcategories for phone number, account of info and much more. Please check and compare to other similar apps

Never syncs via iCloud

I guess it's been about 3 years that I've been using this app, and I honestly feel like it's getting progressively worse. I gave up on the desktop version, but figured the icloud sync would finally work once I paid for the app. It doesn't work at all. Not even a little. I read another review that suggested deleting the app on all of my devices and reinstalling it, but even with icloud enabled after the reinstall, it still doesn't sync. Now, all of the bills with logged payment info from the previous week are now overdue - it lost all of my payment info. Keeping payment info is literally the only thing that the app needs to do but it can't. Deleting for good.


The only good bill management app I've been able to find. Simple, straightforward, and delightful to use. Would love just a little more customization of notifications but other than that it's a perfect app!

Best in Class

If you're looking for an easy way to pay all your bills on time, this app is for you. Plus, the developer is super responsive to any ideas and/or requests. This app is a game-changer!


No help. I bought both the MAC & IOS versions. Do not know how they can put an app out there with almost no help.

Simple, easy, fast...the best

Been up and down with bill reminders forever. This is the first one that does exactly what I wanted one for. No charts, no graphs, no complicated formats. Just enter, pay, and you are done. iCloud synch to my iPad makes it even better. Shows up in the Notification Center Today screen too. It doesn't look bad either, pretty attractive without being cute or cluttered. It's perfect for what I want. I would like a little bit more flexibility with repeat settings, there’s some bills that are due every 4th Wednesday, no way to handle that. Maybe let us assign our own categories to the icons. Gets better with time & updates.


Love the app, helps me keep track of bills. But now anytime I try to add a new bill, or change a bill, the app causes my phone to crash and reboot. The app itself doesn’t crash and causes my phone to go to the home screen, my whole phone literally shuts off and reboots! FIX PLEASE! -iPhone X

Keeps crashing

This was working fine but the last couple days every time I try to open it and make changes, it shuts my iPhone down to where I have to re-enter my phone passcode. This is the only app that does this.

Solid bill reminder...wish the MacOS functionality was included

I use Chronicle on both my iPhone and iPad, and the macOS version as well. The latest update is a solid upgrade, although the forecasting feature is a bit limited (don’t expect Quicken at this price). I have contacted the developer who resolved an issue I was having very quickly. It appears many of the negative reviews complain about losing Dropbox support. Well, this is an app used on Apple devices so...iCloud works for me. I do wish some of the more advanced functionality from the macOS version (income management, configuring the calendar reminders, and omg the awesome vacation mode) were available in the mobile apps.

Done with this company

I've been using this product for the past several years and I am finally done with them. After every update comes out, I lose some type of functionality, only to be told they didn't realize that my issue existed and gave me some type of work around that didn't work. After many app updates, the mobile version will not sync with the desktop version. I've essentially paid for two version of this app that do not communicate any longer despite the efforts of their support staff. I have given up trying to make this work and have wasted my money. Please don't spend your money on this app as you will just waste your money as the app loses support and functionality after every update.


In older versions you could share your bills with your partner through Dropbox, making this one of the best apps I’ve ever used for maintaining my family’s bills. In the latest release that is not possible. Chronicle says that Dropbox changed their API and it would be too difficult to rebuild, but the app is useless to me without being able to share it with my family.

Great App.

Was looking for something simple and this fits the bill. Love that it syncs with Chronicle on my iMac. I do wish paydays were available on the mobile version like the OSX version.

Great app, very responsive developer!!!

Been looking for a bill manager for a while finding full fledged financial manager apps too much for my need. Chronicle is fitting the bill perfectly and I find that the developer(s) are very responsible taking care of issues / needs. Dropbox sync is no more but iCloud works perfectly and transparently. IMHO, this really is a non-issue. Just remove the app from your phone and reinstall and all will be fine. Keep up the great work LittleFin LLC!!! 👍👍👍

Just a basic reminder app

Very basic reminder app with many issues. The total amount due is never accurate! Total amount is stuck at a specific number that doesn’t change. There’s no way to add earned income to balance your budget. I actually cannot believe the app is missing this crucial part of managing bills!!! Very poor app, I wish I never bought it and glad I didn’t waste my money on the desktop version. It’s a complete joke.

IT WORKS!!- iCloud sync fix

First of all love this app, I have been using it for about two years now and it is a lifesaver. The company no longer uses Dropbox for sync duties, just iCloud. In order to sync on your iOS device, you have to uninstall and then reinstall it on each device, then go to settings and turn on iCloud sync. This worked for me!!

No Dropbox

No Dropbox sync makes this app useless to me! Their so-called work around is insulting! 👎👎 Don’t waste your money or your time on this app!

iOS 10.3.3 Bug/Feature

I had previously linked this app to my 'Dropbox' account. When I tried to 'Sync' this to either 'Dropbox'; which is no longer a selectable option; or my 'iCloud' account; I get the following message: --------- Set Up Sync This device is not set up to sync via Dropbox. Would you like to set up sync now? Cancel | Set Up Sync --------- No matter which option I choose; the prompt simply closes and doesn't appear to sync. I only give this a 2-Star Rating to get anyones attention that is willing and able to fix this issue. This is a GREAT App; my Bread and Butter; and HIGHLY Recommended.

Great app I depend on it!!!

I have used Chronicle since it was released almost. It gets better and better all the time nearly every update adds to the overall utility of the application. And the team is very helpful the few times I have had an issue they are quick to respond and solve my problem. I couldn't ask for more!!

Dropped Dropbox support

This was a great solution to sync payment schedules with my wife. Until they dropped support for Dropbox sync. Im not sure why this is such a rare feature in theses bill apps. Billminder did it seamlessly and that came out years ago. (Too bad they didn’t keep that one up to date or this post wouldn’t be necessary). I’m bummed because I bought the Mac version as well and it’s mostly unusable now. Please work with Apple to sync with iCloud sharing. I want to like your app again


One of the reasons I chose chronicle was that I could use Dropbox to sync instead of iCloud. Are you planning to include any other methods in the future? Something over an internal network would be preferable and not use anything in cloud.

Latest version broke our sync

All syncing has come to a stop. What an annoyance to have to start with a new program since this isn't worth our time. I definitely do not recommend this app or the one for the Mac.

Most flexible bill tracker on iOS/MacOS

Chronicle is by far the best bill tracking app available. The developer keeps the app updated and continually adds useful features. I get paid bi-weekly and this app is the only one I have found that gives you the option to see upcoming bills due 14 days out. This feature alone provides so much more flexibility over other apps. It makes it easy to know which bills I need to pay on payday to keep me up to date until my next pay. Definately a 5 star app and worth the purchase to keep you organized with your bills. The developer is responsive and listens to the app users.

Simply Awesome!

This is one of the best apps I’ve downloaded to date and I’m glad I came across it. Very simple and easy way to keep track of all bills & due dates, along with the amounts of each. A must if you like this info at your fingertips. I have used this app for about 6 months now with zero issues. It’s a must have!

Utterly useless

Does not link with any bank accounts. Expects you to enter all the information by hand. I bought it because it was marked as "essentials" but found it to be a total waste of money and for $10 I feel like I've been scammed.


I wish the Mac version could hide auto paid bills like iOS.

To hard to make changes

Second time an entered payment didn't register. No satisfactory support. Switched to Money Pro I've used the app for maybe 6 months, and find that changing something—such as the amount paid, or the confirmation note—isn't possible. As I sometimes make a mistake in the amount paid line, that's a serious inconvenience. I'm looking for another app, but pickings are very slim in this area.

The compatibility of the app needs to be improved

I'm using iOS 9 and this update does not work with iOS 9 at all. Every time I press the plus button to add new bills, the app crashes. The app itself is useful and I would not give a 1 star just because a bug. However, I reported the bug to the developer by email days ago, with the video of how the app crashes recorded by QuickTime, but I'm still not replied yet. I think the developer is not having a positive attitude towards the customer service.

Great App!

I found this as a replacement for BillMinder, which I used steadily for years but which has not seen an update since 2013. Chronicle is much more modern-looking and is a real pleasure to work with. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is a couple of features I find missing: 1. More control over bill Repeat Intervals. A lot of options are available but I need to be able to specify bills that are paid once every 2 years, etc. this isn't possible presently. 2. Editing a payment. If I enter the wrong value for a payment the only way to correct it seems to be to delete the original payment and renter it. 3. I would like to be able to enter (and edit) payment information, such as a confirmation number. There is a notes field that can be used currently but I'd rather see a dedicated field for it. Otherwise, this is an amazing app. Keep up the great work!

Can we have Android support!!

Please make this application for android devices!!!!!'n


I love this app!

iOS 9

Please fix it to work with iOS 9


Love this app!!!

Monthly and yearly totals

Mr Dattolo, I am very satisfied with your app, but one feature I would like to have is a monthly and yearly total for all bills on the app, it would be really helpful in forecasting my budget.

Perfect Replacement for BillMinder

Chronicle has a great user interface and I was able to add 30 or so payees within minutes. The app appears to be continuously updated which is awesome. The app syncs flawlessly across my iPhone and iPad. I also downloaded the iMac app and it also syncs well. The one thing that the desktop app has that the mobile doesn't have is the ability to add income. It's nice to see what is coming in and going out all on one screen. Hopefully the developer will add this functionality to the mobile app. I've been looking for a new Bill Payment application since BillMinder has started to steadily go downhill. The app hasn't been updated in four years. I have written the developer but haven't heard a word. I know when the new iOS comes out, BillMinder will no longer work. Bottom line: great app and I recommend it for anybody looking to dump BillMinder.

Simple and Functional

This simply designed app is easy to use and great for keeping on top of your finances and bills. Plus it is constantly receiving updates to improve the functions and features. Paired with the Mac version of the app, I can keep on top of my bills no matter which device I am using at the moment.

A Must Have

I have been using this app for years and use it faithfully as a reminder to pay my bills. Love that it allows me to see balances at a glance and look back over payment history. (Proved to be a great help recently when complaining to cable company about bill increases. Had a list of months of payments on my screen.) I would feel lost if this app ever disappeared. I have it on my iMac, my iPad and my iPhone. It syncs perfectly across all three devices. Get it. You will love it too.

New version doesn't work with iOS 9

This app would get a much higher rating if it actually worked as described. I've been a longtime user & am disappointed that the new 7.0 version is NOT compatible with iOS 9. The developer is aware of the issue (responded via email) & said a fix would be coming "shortly." That was 3+ weeks ago. If you're not using iOS 10, DO NOT get this app until a fix is released. Disappointing to say the least!

Very impressed

I'm very impressed with this version. I use to have an app called Bills at My Table which use yo work flawlessly and they went belly up and then I went to another app that hasn't been supported in a few years and probably won't be into iOS11. Anyway, this app syncs flawlessly via iCloud with the iPhone app. Has a very simple and clean looking UI and it just works. Very glad to have found it and that the developer is still active after all these years.

Great app, but one issue

Love the app so far, but the "automatically paid" option doesn't seem to automatically log that the bill was paid. It's telling me that it's overdue now by many days.


Nothing compared to mint or prism. App doesn't connect to any billers and you have to add each account manually. Boo!! I want my $1.99 back.

Never late again!

This little app is probably the most useful app on my devices. I used to leave post-its, bills and such clutter all over my desk - stuck to my computer. It was awful. I'd end up missing a payment. This app keeps me on track. All payments within a year all paid on time. Helps me better budget my monthly income and out going money. Now I can better see where my money's going. It actually helped me curb some nonsense spending. Thank you for a great app and looking forward to all the improvements you make.

Love the update💝

It's a gift! The best App to keep your bills and payments effortlessly in order. Clean and simple. Used it for 2 years now. Thank you 'devs'.

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