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Thought it was the best bill reminder app but lately its been very buggy. I put in a new auto payment bill 3 different times today and still cant find it. It wasnt saving it or who knows what happened to it. Fed up, found a better app.

Just keeps getting better.

Great work with adding colour to the icons. Ive been on top of my bills to the point where it almost feels fun to pay them.

Crashes when adding a new bill

Normally love this app but Ive been trying to add a new bill and it keeps crashing!


I absolutely love this app. This greatly helps me remember when items are due, either that I manually pay or that I autopay. Fully customized setup for different categories, types and frequencies. The developer is very helpful and offers great support. Definitely worth the price.

Great so far!

One feature Id like to see, if its possible, instead of just providing a link to where you make the payment, select an app to open where you make your payment. I pay most of my bills in each companys specific app. It may only save a few second, but I think itd be cool. Love the simplicity!

Fantastic way to manage bills

Keeping track of what you paid, when you paid on recurring bills is so important. I started using Chronicle as soon as it came out. It started very off very well and has improved tremendously. The developers continue to adopt new features of iOS like adding iCloud Sync and the Notification Widget. Chronicle really hits the nail on the head. What it does, it does very well. Update: thank you for coloring the icons!! The new icons look so much better with a splash of color :)

Must Have App

I usually dont write reviews but I LOVE THE EASE OF THIS APP. It keeps helps me keep my bills organized and is very easy to use. Get it!!

Good app

I love this app. it makes me remind when I pay the bills. One request: The currency symbol is fixed and Im not able to change it. In next update, let user change the currency symbol.

Bill managing

Must have, fantastic app for keeping up with due dates for bills!

Only App I cant live without!!!

I been using this app for over 2 years and it never disappoints. It gets continuing updates also. Very quick and easy layout. I love this app! Remember, Its a bill reminder app not a daily expense app. I use it for ALL of my debts/bills. Simply the best bill reminder app in the App Store!


Straight to the point.....Outstanding update (07-11-16). Keep doing what you are doing!

Saved Me More Than Once

This is an app that I use daily and has saved from paying a bill late on more then one occasion. This app is worth twice the price the developer is asking. Love the way Chronicle keeps me organized across all platforms.

Great App

An essential app. I have it on the main screen of my phone so. Have the Mac version too. Chronicle Keeps me on track with my payments.

Sync is unreliable

I had the iOS and OS X versions set up to sync using Dropbox. I had not used the OS X version in a while but had regularly synced the iOS version after using it. When I went to sync the OS X version, it overwrote the data entered in the iOS version even though the OS X data was old. If I had not had a backup, all the entered data would have been lost. This seems like very poorly implemented syncing when it cannot tell the difference between old data that needs to be updated and much newer data that needs to be retained.

Just what I needed

Great app. Easy to use. Exactly what I was looking for to help me keep track of when bills are due.

Best in Class

If youre looking for an easy way to pay all your bills on time, this app is for you. Plus, the developer is super responsive to any ideas and/or requests. This app is a game-changer!

The best app. Period!

This app has helped me tremendously manage our bills. I have had this app since day one, they have pushed amazing updates along the way, and I am very grateful for this company. All I can say is try it for yourself it truly is amazing!

Mac app was good, iOS not so much.

iPhone 6s on 9.3.4 and the app crashes every time when trying to add a recurring bill. Unusable.

The perfect financial management app

Prior to chronicle my family had a shared calendar with the bills which was intermingled with our work and family calendars. Chronicle is a huge improvement over our prior system. It also doesnt feature any bloat. It excels at being a bill reminder and no more or less. I highly recommend it.

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